Spring playoff reminders

To:Principals and Athletic Directors  
From:Charlie Wentzky, Deputy Commissioner  
Subject:2022 Spring Playoff Reminders  
Date:April 27, 2022


The purpose of this letter is to remind you about a few items concerning playoffs:

  1. Playoff Forfeits carry a $1,000 fine. Once your school is submitted by the region coordinator for entry into the playoffs, you are considered in the playoffs. Should you not want to be in the playoffs, please make your region coordinator aware in writing prior to playoff entries being submitted.
  1. All games must be played on the date they are originally scheduled on the bracket. Games that cannot be played due to weather must be played the next day, with the only exception being Sundays. Games can be played on an earlier date provided both schools agree, and games can be played on Sundays if both schools agree.
  1. A 7:00 pm start time is recommended in baseball, softball, and soccer. The start time can be adjusted provided that both schools agree.
  1. Officials – The home school is responsible for getting game officials coordinated. Please contact your local assignor and make them aware of any home games you have or will have so they can assign officials to cover the contest.
  1. Please check the league handbook to make sure you are charging the correct amounts for playoff entry. This information can be found on page 13 of the Rules and Regulations.
  1. Radio and Internet Streaming – Please refer to pages 24 and 25 in the rules and regulations for the fees associated with doing a radio broadcast or streaming a playoff game. These fees should be included in your financial statements.
  1. Please make sure that someone from your school reports the scores of your contests. We are only able to update the brackets from the scores that are sent into our office. Please send all final scores to Jan at jan@schsl.org
  1. Wilson Balls must be used in all Baseball, Softball and Soccer contests during the playoffs.
  1. Wilson Balls donated for Baseball and Softball will be distributed to the winners of each district for use in the upper/lower finals.
  1. Pitch Counts for baseball are still being used. Schools are suggested to communicate with each other during the contests so that there are no surprises in the end. Reminder that the home team has the final say in what the pitch count is for each pitcher.
  1. Game ending procedures: Please review the game ending procedures in the event inclement weather comes during the contest. You can find these procedures in our handbook on the following pages:

Baseball:       pg. 71                         Softball: pg. 72

Soccer:          pg. 74                         Tennis:  pg.  59

Golf:               pg. 62                                    

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office. Good luck to you and your teams the rest of the year.

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