Concussion management

Definitions Associated With Concussion Rule

Appropriate Health-Care Professional: an individual(s) from the following professions who are designated as the persons to diagnose whether an athlete has or does not have a concussion:

MD – A medical doctor licensed to practice medicine in South Carolina
DO – A doctor of osteopathic medicine licensed to practice in South Carolina|
PA – A physicians assistant licensed to practice in South Carolina
NP – A registered nurse practitioner licensed to practice in South Carolina
AT – An athletic trainer certified nationally or by the State of South Carolina

These shall be the only persons who shall clear an athlete’s re-entry into a contest when the athlete has been removed from the contest due to signs or symptoms of a concussion (as described in the NFHS rules book for each sport).  If none of these are present at the contest, the athlete shall not return to that contest or any subsequent contest until cleared by one of the above listed health-care professionals.

Contest Officials Role – to recognize the symptoms consistent with that of a concussion and remove the athlete from the contest until he/she has been diagnosed by an appropriate health-care professional. [Officials shall always rule on the side of caution with the health and safety of the athlete being his primary and foremost concern].

NOTE: Only an MD or DO shall release an athlete, diagnosed as having a concussion, to return to competition.

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